How To Clean The Refrigerator

The refrigerator is one of the most used appliances in the apartment, obviously. However, the refrigerator isn’t something many people think about cleaning, but you should clean it frequently. Below are refrigerator cleaning tips to make sure your food and appliance stays fresh and working well. 

Shelving & Surfaces 

Since your food and liquids sit on the shelves, it’s good to wipe them down. You never know if there was a spill or leakage from an item. You can do this weekly when you go through the refrigerator to throw out any food from the previous week. Additionally, wiping down the shelves can prevent cross contamination and bacteria. 

Clean Out Food 

If you don’t do this already, you should clean out any old food that is expired or won’t get eaten again. This helps to clear out some space, but also prevents the food from making the refrigerator smell. 

Seasonal Cleaning 

Every three months or so you should do a deep clean of the refrigerator. Take all of the food out and deep clean the shelves, drawers and any handles or frequently touched spots. You can clean with a baking soda cleaning solution or soap and water. Wipe it down and make sure everything is dry before putting the items back in the refrigerator.

If You Have A Water Filter…

If you have a water filter connected to your refrigerator, this should be changed as well. Most refrigerators tell you when it’s time to order a new part to replace the filter. If it doesn’t, it would be safe to change it every six months. Filters can have build up if they aren’t changed frequently, so it’s best to make sure you stay on top of that. 

With these refrigerator cleaning tips you can be assured that your fridge is working well and that your food will stay safe and fresh!

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