How To Naturally Freshen The Air In Your Apartment

freshen the air in your apartment

Do you ever sit in your apartment and notice the air smells stale? Sometimes the air within your apartment can become stiff, especially if no air is being circulated. It’s good to combat the air smells in your apartment every once in a while to keep the place smelling fresh. If you have a pet, the apartment may even smell like a dog or cat. If you don’t think your apartment smells, but your guests’ faces sometimes get distorted when walking through your apartment, it may be a good time to straighten up a couple things to lighten the heaviness of the air.  Here are a couple ways to freshen the air in your apartment

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets and rugs can trap many odors in them. If you vacuum your carpets frequently and there’s a particular smell that isn’t good when you are done, it could be time to give it a good cleaning. There are a few options for cleaning your carpet. 

Baking soda

If you have baking soda, sprinkle it onto the carpet and let it sit for no less than 30 minutes or up to 3 days. 

Steam clean

Steaming the carpet is another good way to get rid of the odor that is trapped. There are multiple products to use when you steam clean your carpet, just do some research. 


Odors can be trapped in curtains as well. Throw them in the washer and wash them according to their care tag so you don’t ruin them. It’s a good idea to wash curtains at least once a year to air them out and get a good cleaning. 


Refrigerators can create a strong odor, especially if there is food left in there for too long. Coffee grounds are always a good natural odorizer because they absorb the odors around them. Place a cup of coffee grounds in the fridge or freezer, where an odor is, and leave overnight. 

Burnt food

If you made food and possibly burned it and now you notice a smokey smell, take either white vinegar or cider vinegar and fill a bowl about ¾ of the way and place it in the room that has the strongest smoke smell. The odor should be gone within a day or so. 


Any other fabric pieces in your house could be washed as well. Wash any blankets, especially if you have a pet, to get the odor off of them. 

There are many other ways to freshen the air in your apartment. You may be asking, why can’t I just light a candle? By all means you can, but candles only mask the smell, they don’t solve it. If you clean the apartment correctly, light a candle afterwards and you’ll be able to really enjoy the candle’s smell, and it won’t just be masking stale odors. 

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