20 Self-Care Options At Home


It’s important in this hectic and constantly moving world to find ways to practice self-care. Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day, but you should try and make an active effort to find a way to take care of yourself, even if it’s just one small task. Continue reading for self-care options at home.

Self-Care Options: Cleaning

  1. Make your bed – This may seem like a simple task and not related to self-care, but it is. Making your bed is a great way to start the day. It makes your bedroom look clean and complete. It helps you feel more put together before you even walk out the door. 
  1. Clean – Cleaning is a great option for self-care. Having your space clean is taking care of yourself. One of the nicest things is the feeling of a clean apartment. 
  1. Change the Sheets – Cleaning your sheets is a great and easy way for self-care. You sleep on those sheets every night. Washing your sheets will help you feel clean and refreshed when going to bed. 
  1. Take a Bath –  After a long day, a nice long soak in the tub can be a great way to take care of yourself. Fill the tub with some nice smelling soap, grab a book, a cup of tea or glass of wine, and sit and relax. Stay in as long as you’d like!  If you’re not a big bath person, sometimes standing in the shower and just letting the hot water run over you can be just as cleansing and relaxing. 

Self-Care Options: Physically 

  1. Stretch – No matter if you’ve stretched before or not, stretching is a great way to keep your body loose and possibly release some tension. A stretch you can do is lift your arms high above your head and then reach down to the floor. Then you can spread your legs shoulder width apart and stretch from side to side. Doing those simple exercises can help increase blood flow and release tension. You can do more stretching than just these basic moves, but they are a great place to start. 
  1. Exercise – You don’t have to do an intense workout. A simple exercise at home can help you feel good about yourself. Start off with 10 or 15 minutes of exercise and go up from there. Simple exercises to get you started can be jumping jacks, calf raises, arm circles, squats and more. Anything to get your body moving. 
  1. Go For A Walk – Taking a walk is a great form of exercise and self-care. It’s easy, simple and can really clear your mind. Getting out and getting your body moving is one of the best things you can do for yourself. 
  1. Breathing technique – Find a breathing technique to help you feel more relaxed and less anxious. Once you find one that works for you, you’ll be able to use it wherever you go. 

Self Care Options: Writing & Organization

  1. Make a checklist – If you have a busy lifestyle, it can seem like you have a million things to do, but you can never find the time or seem to remember what you need. Make a list for the day or for the week of things you want to get done. Be realistic and start off with simple tasks such as laundry, dishes, take the garbage out, pay bills, etc. It’s satisfying checking things off and a great way to start chipping off the stress you’re carrying. 
  1. Journal – Journaling has helped many people. There’s no right or wrong way to journal. Sit down and write about your day. Did anything great happen? Did something not go your way? Putting your thoughts down on paper helps to clear your mind. 
  1. Create Affirmations – Every day, month or week, start creating affirmations for yourself. Start off with three and look at yourself in the mirror as you speak your affirmations. This also helps to shape the way you speak to yourself. Affirmations can begin to help your mindset shift toward a more positive one. 

Self- Care Options: Daily 

  1. Drink water – It may sound simple, but drinking water and hydrating yourself helps improve many things. The more water you drink the better. It’s one of the easiest ways to take care of yourself. If you have trouble drinking water or keeping track of how much water you drink, purchase a water bottle that has some sort of tracker on it. For example, one of the bottles I’ve found helpful is one that starts at 7AM and keeps track all the way until 9PM.
  1. Phone Detox – Taking a break from your phone is a good thing. Nowadays we spend a lot of time on our phones, so it’s important to let yourself do a phone detox on a regular basis. This will give your eyes a break from the closeness of the screen and allow you to be more present throughout the day.
  1. Create A Morning Routine – Think about what makes you feel happy, calm and collected in the morning, and then turn this into a routine to start your day off right. 
  1. Create A Nightly Routine – Same goes for your nightly routine. If there’s something that sets you up right for a good night’s sleep, then start doing it on a nightly basis. Routines help you to stay organized and in control. 

Self-Care Options: Activity 

  1. Watch TV – If you’re a TV person, set the tone for your night or day of relaxing. Do you like it bright? Open your curtains. Do you like it a bit darker? Close your curtains and blinds. Light your favorite candle and let the air transform. Snuggle in with your favorite blanket and beverage and enjoy your TV time. 
  1. Read a Book – If you’re more of a reader, do the same thing. How do you like to read? Do you need it to be bright? Do you need background noise? Whatever the case may be, grab a good book and sit in your favorite spot and let the reading begin. 
  1. Create Playlists – Create playlists to match some of your moods. That way you can listen to music according to your mood. 
  1. Find Podcasts  – Whether it’s informative or just entertaining, podcasts are great to take your mind off of things. Turn one on while you’re cleaning, doing laundry, or any other activity.
  1. Nothing – You read that correctly. Do nothing. Doing nothing is a great form of self-care. You’re giving your mind, body and emotions a break. Being still is a luxury that people don’t take advantage of enough. Sometimes all your body needs is to sit and relax. It’s another great way to be present in the moment. 

Take your self-care seriously. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re only hurting yourself. Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in the day, but finding a simple self-care option on a daily basis will help you to take care of yourself. 

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