How To Deep Clean The Bathroom

How To Deep Clean The Bathroom

Before winter comes and you’re home more than usual, maybe you should think about some deep cleaning. What room needs a deep clean the most? The bathroom. I’m sure you clean your  bathroom, however, when was the last time you really deep cleaned it? Continue on to see how to deep clean the bathroom efficiently. 


First and foremost, remove any items from the bathroom surfaces. This includes anything from the shower to the counters by the sink. Put all of the items outside of the bathroom to give yourself a little more room to clean. If you set them in a box, it’ll be easier to put them back once you’re done.  

How To Deep Clean The Bathroom

There are a lot of bathroom cleaners that you can use to really get the bathroom shining. There are cleaners for the shower, the floors, the toilet surfaces and more. Follow the directions on whichever product you use so you can see the best outcome for your cleaning efforts. 

The Vanity 

Once you’ve scrubbed or sprayed the shower and cleaned the toilet, move on to the vanity. To clean the vanity, mix some hot water and soap, or another type of bathroom cleaner, and wipe down the mirror, faucet and countertops. Make sure to get any of the toothpaste markings or water stains off of the mirror. 


Once you’ve cleaned all of the surfaces with whichever cleaner you chose, grab a broom. Sweep up the floor so you can make sure you’ve grabbed all of the hair and other things that may fall to the ground on a daily basis.

Sometimes the cleaners for showers and toilets need to sit for a short period of time; therefore, you can sweep while you let the cleaners soak in and wipe everything down afterwards. 

The Floor 

The floors should definitely be cleaned at least once a week. A lot can fall to the floor such as toothpaste, hair, water, and more. If not cleaned up properly, the floor will look unkept. Sweep or swiffer the floor first to get any of the hair or dust. 

Next, grab a floor cleaner (whichever cleaner is recommended for the type of floor you have) and begin mopping or scrubbing. Once that is complete, wait for it to dry until you put any carpeting or garbage cans back.

Replace Everything

Lastly, put back everything you took out of the bathroom. It’s also beneficial at this time, while you’re putting things back, to get rid of anything you don’t use. 

These are just a few tips on how to deep clean your bathroom. 

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