How to Decorate A Small Apartment

decorate a small apartment

Moving into a new apartment is exciting. You can finally decorate how you want. If you recently moved into an apartment that is a bit smaller, there are do’s and don’ts for decorating so nothing looks too crowded or cluttered. Keep reading to see how you can decorate a small apartment.

Collapsible Tables 

If you like to eat or do tasks in your living room but don’t have much room for a coffee table, find tables that you can collapse. You can bring them out when you need to, but they are also stored somewhere you can’t see them and don’t take up unwanted space. 

Smaller Furniture

If you’re buying new furniture for your apartment, make sure to buy smaller, more narrow items. For example, if you need end tables to go next to your couch, look for something more compact than something wide. You may prefer larger furniture items, but keeping certain items smaller, such as the end tables or night stands, can add more space to the room.

Wall Space 

A lot of the time people say “the more the merrier,” but if you are in a smaller apartment, you don’t want your wall spaces filled with wall art or wall decor. Simplicity can go a long way. With too much on the walls, it can make the room look cluttered. 


Decorations are great for adding a personal touch to your home. You might want to display all kinds of items. However, make sure to keep it minimal if you are in a small space. You don’t want every surface to be covered in trinkets, figurines, pictures etc. It’s great to have those items, but don’t do so much that it takes away from the other decorations. You can always expand when you move to a larger apartment, but in a small apartment, less is always more. 


Moving in and decorating your apartment is an exciting process. If you’re starting off in a smaller apartment, decorate at a minimum so nothing looks overcrowded. Less is more in small spaces, so keep your decorating low key until you move to a larger space.

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