How to Maintain a Pet Friendly Apartment

how to maintain a pet friendly apartment

Do you love your pets? Of course you do, but you probably don’t love the way they can sometimes make your house look. Our animal friends can add a lot of joy to a home, but they can also make it a lot more difficult to keep the home clean. However, it is possible to have your furry pets and a clean living space! Read on for some tips on how to maintain a pet friendly apartment, no matter what type of little furry friend you have running around.

Keep Your Pet Clean 

The key factor in this is to try to keep your pet itself as clean as possible. Regularly scheduled baths and proper grooming can keep your pet clean and smelling fresh. If they go outdoors, check them over right when they come in to make sure they aren’t tracking anything undesirable inside.

Spot Clean 

Spot clean any mess your pet makes, immediately. This will keep anything from getting tracked around the house and prevent it from causing a lasting odor or stain.

Clean Your Pet’s Items

Make an effort to regularly clean your pet’s items, and set aside a specific place for them. Things like chew toys, scratching posts, or their favorite blankets can easily hold onto odors and germs. Also, don’t forget to clean their bedding!

Cleaning Products 

Stock up on the proper cleaning products and de-scenting solutions for all types of surfaces in your home. This way you can always be prepared and keep your home smelling fresh, no matter the situation.

Vacuum Cleaner 

Invest in a really good vacuum cleaner. There’s no way around it. A pet-friendly home should probably be vacuumed daily to keep the hair from building up on surfaces and contaminating the air.

Section Off Your Apartment 

If you want to cut down on the cleaning time, consider sectioning off the parts of your home that you do or do not want the pets to share. Keep your pets in parts of the home that are easiest to clean, such as non-carpeted areas or rooms that are a tad emptier. Baby gates are an easy and generally effective method to keep pets out of rooms you don’t want them in.

Keep Items Off The Floor 

Be sure to keep items off the floor that could be at risk of being chewed on or eaten. This is for the protection of the items and also because a lot of household things are dangerous for pets.

Overall, that’s how to maintain a pet friendly apartment. Having animals in your home is a big responsibility, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. Simply make some small adjustments, and the people and pets in your home can live in harmony!

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