Hosting In Your Apartment

With football season in full swing and the holidays just around the corner, you’re probably going to be hosting a couple of events. But if you’re hosting in your apartment and are worried that you won’t have enough room or don’t know where to begin, continue reading. 


If you’re having people over, you’re going to want to put your best foot forward. This means you’ll need to do some cleaning. But it doesn’t have to be anything crazy. Do the standard dusting, wiping down glass surfaces, sweeping and vacuuming. This way your apartment is nice and clean and ready for guests. 

Also, keep in mind even though you’re most likely going to be using the kitchen the day of your gathering, make sure there are no dishes in the sink. If there are dishes, place them in the dishwasher until your guests leave, and then you can take them out.

Amount of People

If you’re hosting a gathering and your apartment is a little bit smaller, don’t invite an overwhelming number of guests. Keep it controlled so there’s room for people to move about freely and you’re not overwhelmed by the amount of people you have in your apartment. Additionally, with a smaller group of people, you can have a more intimate gathering. Plus it’s less food and work you have to do so you’re able to enjoy the party. 

Have Guests Bring Something

Create less work for yourself by asking each guest to bring something to eat or drink. Whether it’s a bottle of wine, an appetizer or a side dish, having guests bring something to the party will get everyone involved and it will ultimately be less work for you. 


Depending on what you plan to serve, see if you can make it the night before. Whether it’s hot or cold, making it the night before will help save time the next day. If the food needs to be reheated, just throw it in the oven before your guests arrive. Be sure to factor in how much time it needs to cook or reheat. Preparing for it will make the day of the party much easier. 


If it’s the first time your guests will be in your apartment, when they first arrive do a quick tour of everything they would possibly need, such as where the bathroom is. Then show them where the food and drinks are so they know where to find everything the rest of the evening. 

Enjoy Hosting In Your Apartment

Remember, when you are hosting in your apartment, don’t think of it as a never ending trail of work. Enjoy your guests. If you do all the prep and cleaning the day before, there will be less pressure the day of the event. It will be more enjoyable for you because you’ll be able to relax and unwind with your guests.  

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