How To Clean The Tea Kettle

tea kettle

If you are a tea drinker, you use your kettle more frequently than most. Just like the coffee maker, the tea kettle should be cleaned on a regular basis. There can be build up within the kettle, which can have different effects. Continue reading to see how to clean the tea kettle.

What Kind of Build Up Happens In The Tea Kettle?

If you haven’t cleaned the tea kettle for a bit, there could be build up within the walls of the kettle. What can begin to accumulate within the kettle is limescale. It’s a whitish deposit on the inside of pipes, pots, and kettles caused by minerals leached from the water. Because of this deposit, water can begin to taste odd. 

Furthermore, if there is limescale within the kettle, it can take more time to heat up and, along the way, can impact the lifespan of the kettle. Limescale will also then be a part of the water that goes into the mug or cup you are using if you don’t properly take care of your kettle. 

Clean The Kettle

Cleaning the kettle is easy. There are specific kettle cleaners out there and there are also natural cleaners too. White vinegar is an acidic product that can help remove any limescale that may be present. Hot water and mild dish soap can do the trick as well. Once you’ve cleaned your tea kettle, make sure you let it fully dry so no rust can form. 

There is no harm if you consume a small amount of limescale from your kettle, but kidney stones are known to be from the build up of certain materials within the limescale. 

Overall, it is best to keep the kettle clean. Your kettle will last longer and your tea will ultimately taste better.  

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