End Of Summer Cleaning

summer cleaning tasks

It’s the time of year again, where the porches will soon be cleaned off and windows shut. Colder weather will be here before we know it. However, before the cool breeze chases everyone inside, it’s time to look at the last parts of cleaning. Read below for those forgetful but important items that need to be cleaned for the end of summer cleaning. 

Summer Cleaning – Beach Towels:

Since these towels have been in the hot sun, drying off bodies that have been in pool water, ocean water, lake water, etc., they should be cleaned appropriately. Check the tag to make sure you know how to wash them correctly. Do a small amount of fabric softener or detergent, and do one more final rinse. After it’s clean, dry thoroughly and put the towels away until next year. 

Sleeping Bags:

If sleeping bags were used this summer, there is most likely some minor cleaning you will need  to do. Whether it was used outside on the ground or in the sand, shake them out as much as possible. Afterwards, grab a vacuum or brush to get the rest of the sand or grass out. If there is wet or damp sand in the sleeping bag, let it air dry and then follow the same steps listed above. 

Summer Cleaning – Muddy Shoes:

With the rain many of us have seen this summer, your shoes might need some extra TLC. If this is the case, let the mud on the shoes dry completely, if they haven’t already. Then take the shoes outside and knock the soles of the shoes together to get some of the dried dirt off. Grab some warm water, dishwashing soap, and an old toothbrush, and gently begin to scrub the rest of the dirt away. Once the scrubbing is done, use a damp paper towel and wipe away the dirt. Stuff the shoes with dry paper towels and set them outside until they are dry. 

Plastic Tablecloths:

Summertime means barbecue time. Plastic table cloths are usually the go to for these picnic months and there is bound to be some sort of stickiness or dirt left on them.  Warm, soapy water should do the trick, but if that doesn’t work, clean the whole thing in the washer. Use a gentle cycle to really give the tablecloth a nice wash. Afterwards, put the tablecloth in the dryer on the delicate cycle for about 15 minutes or less. This will help decrease the wrinkles created from the washer, but be sure not to leave it in too long or it will harm the vinyl material. If it is not completely dry, let it air dry. 

Summer Cleaning – Outdoor Cushions:

The outdoor cushions have probably gone through some sort of weather this summer. With rain, wind, and heat, the cushions could use a good cleaning. Most cushions will have some sort of care tag on them. The easiest thing is to follow the instructions given. If your cushions are older and don’t have a tag, research the best way to clean whatever type of material they are.  

There can be a lot of things to clean before the winter months. These small items may not seem important, but if you wait all season and go to pull them out next year, you may have some unexpected complications and more work to do. 

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