Are Your Cleaning Supplies Clean?

Cleaning supplies clean

This may seem like a strange question, but it really isn’t. Your cleaning supplies should be clean. Many people don’t realize their cleaning supplies need to be cleaned. Think about it, the sponge, broom, vacuum, etc. should be cleaned every once in a while. Continue on to see how to keep your cleaning supplies clean.  


You should clean your vacuum after every use. The amount of dirt, dust, crumbs, or pet hair (if you have one) it picks up, it should be cleaned any time you use it. It helps keep the longevity and effectiveness of the vacuum going. 

There are multiple styles of vacuums out there so it’s hard to say exactly what should be cleaned each time, but after every use, the bag or canister should be emptied. If this remains in the vacuum and you go to use it again, your vacuum will not be as effective as it could be. Once a month, it’s good to run some hot water and a small amount of dish soap in the canister to remove any dirt or dust that may be stuck. 

The next item to clean would be the beater bar. Most vacuums have a beater bar and it’s usually placed in the front part of the vacuum. This should be cleaned after every use as well, and it can be cleaned with a pair of small scissors or even seam rippers. Getting rid of anything that can possibly clog the vacuum is crucial to keep your vacuum running well for as long as possible. 

Now, at least once a month, make sure you look at any of the filters or hoses. Sometimes these items can get clogged and should be emptied so it doesn’t prevent the vacuum from doing its job. You’d be surprised by how much hair and dust can pile up if it’s not cleaned out properly. 

*Before cleaning, make sure the vacuum is unplugged*


If you use a broom, it should be cleaned as well. Take the broom outside and tap it against a railing or wall to shake off debris. Dirt and dust can sometimes get trapped between the bristles so it needs to be shaken off. Untangle any trapped hair or large things from the broom by hand. These two steps should probably be done once a week or every other week. 

Once a month, fill a bucket with a solution of hot water and dish soap and soak the broom head in it. After several minutes, rinse it out and hang it up with the broom head down to allow it to thoroughly air dry before using it again. Additionally, when storing your broom, make sure it is either hanging or stored without having the bristles touch the floor. This will help keep the bristles sharp and clean. 

Sponges & Brushes

Your sponges and brushes should be every time you use them. Run them under hot water for a few moments and wring them out thoroughly. Set them out so they can air dry and then you can store them away. 

Especially since you use these items in the kitchen to clean multiple places, they should be disinfected frequently. Once a week, you should disinfect these items with a gallon of water and a little bit of bleach. Let the sponge soak, but do not let the brushes soak. Soaking brushes can cause the bristles to become dislodged or weakened. Just dip them in and then set them out to dry. There are many ways to disinfect them, so do whatever makes you comfortable. 

You should replace your sponge more often than other things. Get rid of them once they start to get worn down or smell bad. You don’t want to use a dirty, disgusting sponge to clean the dishes. They should be changed every two to three weeks. 

Keeping your cleaning supplies clean is a must. You don’t want to use dirty cleaning supplies because you don’t know what germs have been sitting around in them. Keeping the supplies clean will help increase the longevity of your supplies and keep a cleaner apartment.