Don’t Forget To Clean These Areas

don't forget to clean

When it’s time to clean, there are always the basics. You probably dust, sweep, wipe down tables and vacuum in every room. But sometimes, doesn’t it feel like you’re forgetting something? There are some places that may be overlooked, but can increase the cleanliness of your apartment. Keep reading to discover some of the places in your apartment that you may have forgotten and so you don’t forget to clean them the next time.

Don’t Forget To Clean The Bathroom

You’ve probably cleaned the floor, the toilet bowl and the sink on a regular basis. But there’s more to clean in the bathroom. This includes the shower curtain and replacing the shower curtain liner if necessary, behind the toilet, the shower drain, the bottom of the shower door, underneath the area where the soaps and shampoos are, etc. Next time you clean the bathroom, make sure to cover these areas so you know your bathroom is completely clean.

Missed Areas In The Kitchen

The kitchen is another place you may have missed some cleaning. The refrigerator is probably one of them. We often forget that the refrigerator needs cleaning too. You should wipe down the top of it to remove any dust. Also, clean underneath the fridge to make sure there isn’t any dust interfering with the coils. You should also make sure you wipe down the shelves inside the refrigerator in case anything has spilled. Don’t forget to wipe down the kitchen table legs to clean any dust or pet hair, the top of the microwave, inside of the microwave, the silverware drawer, the oven drawer, the pantry floor and the coffee maker. These areas can help make the kitchen sparkle.

Additional Items In Each Room

There are areas in almost every room that should be checked out the next time you’re cleaning around the house. Take a look at the following:

  • Remote controls – they can be full of germs
  • Window sills – collect dust
  • The top ledge of doors – collect dust
  • Baseboards – collect dust
  • Door knobs – hold germs
  • Lamp shades – collect dust
  • Closet Floors (link to other blog) – collect dust, hair, parts of clothing
  • Gently Dust houseplants – especially if they’re fake
  • Light switches – germs
  • Fan blades – collect dust

Cleaning these small items will reduce the dust and bacteria in your home. This way you know your house is as clean as can be.

These extra cleaning places may seem like a hassle, but especially in this day and age, you want to make sure you’re keeping the place you live clean. Certain areas can have a build up of germs or bacteria, so it’s good to make sure these items are cleaned and sanitized every now and again.

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