What if My Apartment Lease Ends During Covid-19?

apartment lease ends in COVID-19

For many planning to move out of their apartment in the upcoming weeks, those plans may be up in the air now. Or what if your apartment lease ends during this time period. The thought of having to move during a pandemic may have you stressed, panicked, and confused as to what your options are. Here are some steps you can take if you are in this situation.

Re-sign Your Current Lease

Talk with your Landlord and see if you can renew your current lease. They probably understand that you don’t want to pack up and leave right now, and they don’t want to worry about finding a new tenant. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’ve been a good tenant and they don’t have someone else lined up for the apartment.

Go Month to Month

If you don’t want to renew your current lease for a year, see if you can go month to month until you figure out your next move. Most landlords will be flexible as they know times are tough.

Limit the Amount of Apartments You Tour

If you choose to not renew your lease or go month to month for the time being, you are stuck with the task of looking for a new apartment. While many places are offering virtual tours of apartments, sometimes you need to see it in person to make the final decision. If you are able to see the apartments, make sure that you take careful consideration into the ones you like the most and only tour those ones. This limits your exposure to people and buildings. 

Move Back Home

Many people are without a job at this time, if you are in that same situation, moving home may be your best option. See if you can move in with a family member or friend temporarily until you are able to save up the money and find a new place to live. Offering some type of rent or payment for their hospitality may help the situation as well. It may not be ideal, but in the current situation it may be the smartest and easiest.

Rent a House

So you can’t stay at your current apartment, or move back home. That leaves you with little options to choose from. Places like Airbnb offer rental homes for weeks at a time depending on availability. Most likely you’ll find some options that are close to where you need to be, and they will allow you to stay until the pandemic is over. By doing this, you don’t have to make an irrational decision of signing a new lease for a year, or living with someone you would prefer not to. Most of the time these houses are fully furnished and the owners add their own comfort to make you feel right at home.

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