How to Tell When It’s Time to Move to a New Apartment

New apartment searching

If you’ve just settled into an apartment, it can be hard to imagine that you’ll want to move somewhere else one day. After all, you found a place that suits your needs and that you can afford.

You may feel happy and comfortable in your apartment right now. However, a day will come when you start thinking about moving again. One advantage of being a renter is it’s easy to find a new home if you decide it’s not the right fit anymore. The reasons for signing a new lease can vary. Maybe you want to live closer to your friends or maybe you’d rather live in a different neighborhood.

No matter what, here are six signs it may be time for you to start gathering moving boxes, packing up and moving out.

You’ve Outgrown the Space

There are a few reasons why you may start to feel as if you have outgrown your apartment. It could be that you have accumulated more items, and need more space to display or store them all. Or maybe your tastes have changed. Perhaps life changes have caused you to need more space. Sometimes it’s good to talk to your landlord and see if they have bigger units before moving to another community.

You Can No Longer Afford the Rent

Any unexpected financial difficulties could lead you to worry that you can’t afford to live in your apartment anymore. If that’s the case, you may want to consider moving to an apartment with lower rent. Whether it’s in your building or even in a different neighborhood, you may need to move. Another possible option is to take on a roommate, who would split the rent with you.

You Can Afford An Upgraded New Apartment

If you’ve been promoted or received a new job since signing your current lease, you may have an increase in income. If this is the case, you may want to put more of that money into an upgraded apartment.

Your Commute is Too Long

Sometimes, people finish school and start a new job or switch jobs over the course of their lease term. Whenever you change your routine, there’s a chance that your new traveling route will become inconvenient, annoying, or expensive. If you know it’s temporary, you may wish to put up with it. Otherwise, you might consider moving to an apartment that’s closer to where you spend your days.

You Want a Better Neighborhood For Your New Apartment

You may love your apartment, but not the neighborhood.  It could be because your neighborhood has become more susceptible to crime recently, or to live in a certain school district if you have children. It’s also possible you’ve just gotten bored of your neighborhood or find yourself spending much of your free time in a part of town that you would love to live in. 

You Don’t Like Your Building

Unfortunately, some renters move on because they have a problem with one or more aspects of their building. For example, you might not like how it’s managed or maintained, you might find that the landlord isn’t responsive to your needs, or you might have an ongoing issue with a neighbor.

Are you searching for a new apartment? What is your reasoning for moving?

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