How To Prevent Bed Bugs

How to prevent bed bugs

Bed bugs are a huge problem if you have ever come across them. But, don’t worry, there are ways to get rid of and prevent bed bugs from surfacing in your apartment. Read on to see how you can get rid of or prevent bed bugs. 

Vacuum Regularly 

Vacuuming your apartment regularly will help to prevent bed bugs. Keeping the floors clear will help to prevent them as well . Or, if you’ve noticed a couple, vacuuming the floors can snatch any straggling bed bugs that may be around the apartment. If you do vacuum up bed bugs, make sure to empty the vacuum cleaner and throw the bag or canister into the dumpster.

Keep Your Floors Clear of Clothing or Blankets

Bed bugs will cling onto items such as clothing, blankets and sheets. If you leave clothes on the floor and a bed bug happens to grab on, then putting that item of clothing back in the dresser or closet may cause a bigger infestation of bed bugs. Same goes for the blankets. If a bed bug clings onto a blanket and it’s stored with others, all of the blankets and possibly your couch could be infested with bed bugs. 

Wash Your Sheets Regularly

Washing your sheets regularly should be a given anyway, but washing your sheets frequently, on high with hot water, can prevent bed bugs or kill any that may have been in your sheets. Remember, always look at the care tag to make sure you can occasionally wash your sheets with hot water.

If You’re Returning From A Trip, Wash The Clothes In Your Suitcase

After you come back from a vacation, no matter where you went, wash everything in your suitcase. You may not have noticed any bed bugs while you were away, but that doesn’t mean one didn’t find its way into your suitcase. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to wipe down or inspect your suitcase as well.  

Avoid Furniture On The Side Of The Road

When you’re driving and see a piece of furniture on the side of the road, no matter how good or nice it looks, don’t pick it up or, if you do, at least make sure you do a full inspection. You never know what other people have in their house and a bed bug could be finding a new home in the couch or chair you’re loading into your car. Make sure to look it over or give a good cleaning before you bring it into the house. 

Avoid Clutter 

Avoiding clutter can help get rid of and prevent bed bugs. When there is more clutter, the greater the chance it is to become a hideout for bed bugs thus making it more difficult to treat the problem. 

Inform Your Landlord

In the event that your apartment does become infested with bed bugs, inform your landlord  immediately. They may have had similar situations happen so they could have a system in place or an exterminator all ready to go. But make sure to inform them as soon as possible so the entire building doesn’t get infested. 

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