How To Move Apartments

how to move apartments

Moving apartments can seem like a heavy task to start. Once you’ve found your next place to live, the packing and moving will begin. The only thing is, where do you even start? Moving apartments can be overwhelming, especially in the beginning phases. You already did all of this work to find your next apartment/home and now it seems like this process will never get done. Here are on how to move apartments.

Plan Your Move Accordingly

Whether you’re moving into an apartment or a house, once the paperwork is signed, start planning. If you start packing up everything the day before you’re supposed to move, it will be overwhelming and stressful. Let’s say you have two weeks until you can move into your new home. Begin with the items you won’t need until your move is complete. For example, if it’s summer, pack up your winter clothing, coats, boots and extra blankets you’re not using. 

Next you can start with the decor around your apartment. You won’t need the decorations you’ve put up for the rest of the time you’re in your home. Organize them into categories such as pictures, wall decorations, table top decorations, etc. Packing up the items you are not currently using will help you stay more organized and you will feel less overwhelmed. 

The easiest way to pack is to make a checklist and write out the days you will pack. This will help you stay organized and hold yourself accountable for packing, especially if you live by yourself and you’re the only one that will be doing most of the packing. So stay organized, make a list, and start packing ASAP!

Start Moving As Soon As Possible 

If you’re able to start moving your items before your move-in-day, do it. Sometimes you’re unable to because others may still be living there, it’s getting cleaned, fixed, etc. But if you get the green light from your landlord, start moving in. This will help make the final move-in day less stressful and you won’t be in such a hurry.

Setup/Cancel Utility Costs 

Wherever you lived previously, you will most likely need to cancel or switch over some of your bills and utility costs. This is an important factor to remember when moving apartments. You don’t want to forget and have old utilities in your name and miss payments. When you have your move in date, set a reminder or schedule your bills to be switched over to your new home. If you need to set up bills and utilities in your apartment, make sure you set a reminder to set them up. 

Notify Your Landlord

It’s shocking how many people believe they don’t need to notify their landlord when they are moving out. Just because your lease is up doesn’t mean you don’t have to continue speaking with the landlord. They need to be notified when there is a vacant unit, especially if you’ve lived in an apartment a long time, there will probably need to be some touch ups to the paint, flooring, or any repairs that happened during your stay. When your lease is up, notify your landlord that you will be moving out of the complex. 


Overall, those are a few tips on how to move apartments. Remember that this should be an exciting time. You’re moving to a new place to build new memories. Don’t let the seemingly long process get you down. Make moving to your new place a time to remember. 

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