How to Keep Your Dog Happy & Healthy in an Apartment

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Dog happy and healthy

A dog’s size and abundance of energy can cause problems for those living in small spaces, but that doesn’t mean raising one there is impossible. Many dogs are comfortable living in apartments, but there are still steps their owners should take every day to keep them happy and healthy. If you’ve got small quarters but are still considering adopting a dog, here are few things to keep in mind.

Exercise Your Dog Often 

While living in an apartment, your dog is somewhat confined. He or she isn’t going to have a lot of room to run around, let out energy or play. Most problems develop from a dog having too much energy and nowhere to let it loose. At a minimum, your dog should get exercise twice a day. Once in the morning and in the evening. Additionally, dogs should be able  to do some high-intensity exercise at least once a week, through running or doggy daycare. 

Know Your Breed

Different breeds adjust better in smaller spaces– and believe it or not, size isn’t necessarily a good indication of this. Some high-energy or noisy small dogs, including terriers, toy breeds, and beagles, may not do so well in a small living space, whereas some lower-energy large breeds, may do better. It is important to know your dog and what their needs are.

Protect Your Floors

Avoid letting your dog run loose around the apartment by designating a specific area in the apartment where he or she can chew bones and play games. Moreover, you may place a temporary mat down where your dog eats and chews to absorb any possible tears or stains. Also, make sure to clean his paws when he comes in from the outside to protect any carpet you may have.

Consider a First Floor Apartment

All dogs, especially puppies, will need to make frequent trips outside for bathroom breaks. Having an apartment on the top level could make this task difficult. To help your dog’s legs and bladder, shoot for the first floor. This will also avoid any noise complaints from tenants in lower apartments.

Create a Routine

Create a routine so you can both be on the same page.  He’ll be programmed to go outside at specific times during the day, hopefully during your daily walks. This will train your pup to wait and not have accidents in the house. Structure is a critical component for having a happy and disciplined puppy.

Hire a Dog Walker

If you work out of the house and can’t make it back to check on your pet throughout the day, it might be a good idea to hire someone to do it for you. You can hire someone to come in and let your dog out, and sometimes they will even take them for a walk. Another option would be to sign your pet up for daycare. This’ll allow your dog to get plenty of exercise and be forced to stay in the house all day. Daycare can be a great way to exhaust your dog’s energy levels.

Are you an apartment dweller with a pup? What tricks do you use to keep them happy?

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