How To Clean A Smelly Sink

smelly sink

A smelly sink, no matter what room it’s in, is a problem. You can’t seem to run the water or anything without the sink smelling like sewage. Sinks have a certain build up which can create that smelliness. If the sink has a garbage disposal, that could also be causing the problem. Continue reading to see how to clean a smelly sink. 

Option 1: Hot Water & Dish Soap 

If you have a garbage disposal, one option is to let the hot water cascade down the disposal with soap while it’s running. 

Option 2: Lemon, Ice & Salt 

Make sure the disposal is clean of any food particles. Pour in the lemon, ice and salt. They each have their part and get the job done.

If there isn’t a disposal in the house, there are a couple of other things you can do. 

Option 3: Boil Water 

Hot water can do extreme wonders on it’s own. If making tea or pasta, don’t let the water cool off. Pour it down the drain after you are done using it. 

Option 4: Vinegar, Baking Soda, Hot Water 

This is a popular formula with the amount of one cup of baking soda and two cups of vinegar. The trick is to do it one at a time. Dump the baking soda down the drain and let it sit there for about 10 to 15 minutes. Then pour the vinegar down the drain, still not using any water. It may bubble and fizz but that’s okay. After about another 10 to 15 minutes, pour the hot water down the drain. 

Other ingredients and combinations to use to get rid of the smell are as follows: 

  • Baking soda, lemon juice, boiling water
  • Baking soda, vinegar, salt, boiling water
  • Hot vinegar

Try out these combinations and ingredients and see which one works for you. 

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